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Do you know the history of Scrubs?

Scrubs had originally been worn by surgeons, who often weren’t required to have their own hospital medical uniforms. Like nurses’ uniforms, these were also white, but they were eventually changed to various shades of green in the 1960s to relieve eye strain.

Now, scrubs are common uniforms worn by nurses. Depending on the employer, they can be required to wear a certain color, or they can wear any color of scrub they want—and there are a vast array of colors and patterns to choose from. If you buys scrubs in OKC, you’ll be able to find a color or pattern that works best for you.

Scrubs have to go through an intense cleaning process, especially given the fact that a nurse can be exposed to and covered with potential contaminants. The material has to be able to stand up to such cleaning measures, and they are often cleaner than regular clothing. Scrubs also have a tendency to be inexpensive, so if they become contaminated or can’t be properly cleaned, it’s not a big deal to throw them away.

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