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Do You Really Know High Visibility Clothing?

A type of personal protective equipment (PPE), is any clothing worn that has highly reflective properties or a colour that is easily discernible from any background. Yellow waistcoats worn by emergency services are a common example. Occupational wearers of clothing with high-visibility features include railway and highway workers, airport workers, or other places where workers are near moving vehicles or in dark areas. Some cyclists wear high-visibility clothing when riding amongst motor vehicles. Hunters may be required to wear designated high-visibility clothing to prevent accidental shooting.

The essential quality characteristic of retroreflective materials is the coefficient of retroreflection. Depending on the reflectivity, materials may belong to either class 1 or 2. Class 2 materials provide greater contrast and visibility of the reflective clothing when it is seen in headlights in the dark than class 1. When a greater conspicuity is required, higher levels of retroreflective material should be used. Basically, the more visible we need to be, the more reflective and brighter our clothing should be.

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