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Different industry how to choose the appropriate business attire

Type of sobriety professional attire, suitable for education, culture, consulting, information, and medical and health work such as career women
Shirt style is simple, and the assembly line, can choose white, pale pink, grid lines such as change of shirt. Dress on integral colour, can consider to gray, dark blue, black, beige and so on is composed of color, leave a capable and vigorous, full of affinity and appeal. In addition, also can choose white. Considering the career women nearly eight hours a day to face the public, must always keep your clothes form of overall, therefore, should choose those as far as possible after processing, not easily wrinkled fabrics such as silk, cotton, hemp, and pure water.

Mature implicit model - for insurance, securities, lawyers, company executives, public utilities and civil servants

The principle that many professional women dress is a professional image first, femininity second, in a professional and two kinds of women's role in the balance. The collocation of suits and pants, appear mature, handsome and natural and unrestrained, free and bold. The dress is suitable for the female figure and graceful. Common dress is similar dress, the length of the long or short, not too many restrictions. The mysterious black is suitable for mature women, can appear the situation more. Elegant and agile suit, gives the impression of being in order. As for the color, of course, or in the white, black, brown, navy, grey and so on basic color to give priority to. If disrelish color too drab, might as well tied a scarf, or in a suit to wear a light jacket.
Simple but elegant dignified type clothing, suitable for scientific research, banking, business, trade, medicine, etc

Professional women dress in addition to adjust measures to local conditions, in line with the identity, clean, comfortable, still must to be a principle in order to not affect work efficiency, can properly show women's temperament and poise. If, for example, women's clothes too revealing, easy to cause their male colleagues, themselves, often have to look, so will affect their work efficiency. Therefore, professional women's clothing should pay attention to work with popular but not loss and professional image, the principle is "slightly conservative in the popular", is one of the most popular in conservative. Fabric is too thin or too light, there will be not steady, not serious. Clothes should be simple but elegant style, design and color clothes should choose the rules of design or pattern.

Pure beautiful type business attire - for network, computer, pr, journalists, entertainment career

Office is the place that office, is a place where employees work, natural regardless of men and women, so don't need how charming beauty. But women born this way, the beautiful things can not resist, so without violating the rules of the office at the same time, also can let oneself beautiful, unwittingly let office also fashion. So fashion is very simple, is not as complicated as people imagine, only need to add a little bit of pop elements, such as a pair of beautiful high heels, a positive popular act the role ofing is tasted, can put the business attire to wear out the taste of fashion, brings the feeling of pure and fresh and beautiful, the women who are moving office.

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