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Different fabric for different industries

Uniform use of fabric refers to the specific industry characteristics and requirements to use the appropriate fabric. The following eight industries to briefly introduce the use of the corresponding fabric.

    (1) business uniforms
    In the country, government agencies use official uniforms are mostly demanding, generous, solemn. In the choice of fabric on the use of high-count yarn, with cotton or high-calorie CVC, spinning, tribute silk, camel silk, gabardine, serge, Meldon and breeches and so on. Requirements fabric texture, moisture permeability is good.

    (2) Hotel uniforms
This is a service industry, usually for the image of the unique and aesthetic requirements are high. The range of fabrics used in this industry is relatively wide, according to the grade, the manager level is usually used CVC (vinylon / cotton blended), TC, (polyester / cotton blended), high yarn yarn worsted series, such as serge, Thin flowers, etc., require fabric crisp and elegant, flexible, fine texture. The waiter with more low-wool fabric or imitation of Mao Da Da, serge, Buddy and chemical fiber and other requirements and material type is good, anti-wrinkle, flat Ting. In addition, some of the characteristics and materials such as brocade, polyester fabric, jacquard fabric and imported chemical fiber are also often used.

    (3) school uniforms
    Education system uniforms are divided into two categories: teacher clothing and student clothing. Teachers in the community and students are in front of "teacher watch" model image, demanding generous, cordial and simple. Fabrics use more CVC (vinylon / cotton blended), cotton fabric, with high gross weight camel silk, rumble, wire and other fabrics, requiring comfortable and natural, moisture permeability is good. Students clothing to reflect the youthful side of the face, suitable for their age of lively and moving characteristics of the fabric more choice of TC (polyester / cotton blended), knitted fabrics, low-capped serge, blended Huada and wool-like series , Requiring fabric anti-wrinkle, wear through wear, good shape, easy to take care.

    (4) financial uniforms
    Bank investment, securities industry clothing. Dress requirements can reflect the rational, rigorous, meticulous image of the industry. This industry is a knowledge-intensive industry, mostly in the office or counter. Most of the fabric selection of high count yarn, cotton or high-wool blended fabric, cotton twill, cotton and linen intertwined, serge, thin tweed and board division and so on. Fabric requirements of high-grade, fine texture, feel comfortable, light breathable, good service

    (5) commercial uniforms
    This is a representative service industry, always contact with consumers, directly reflects the style of shopping malls, features and grades. Dress code requirements strong, easy to identify customers. The choice of fabric and more to polyester-cotton, imitation Ma, containing low hair serge, ostrich silk, blended Huada and Buddy and so on. Fabrics require fine texture, crisp, anti-wrinkle, not sticky ash, easy to wash and organize.

    (6) industrial uniforms
    Belong to health care, industrial and mining enterprises and other labor clothing, their clothing to fully reflect the professional characteristics, pay attention to practicality. The choice of fabric to TC (sash / cotton blended), sash / cotton card, blended Huada and Buddy it mainly, as well as through special processing of anti-bacterial, anti-radiation, heat and dust and other special fabrics. Fabric requirements wear wear, easy to wash, anti-wrinkle, moisture permeability is good.

    (7) Aviation uniforms
    The industry's high demand for the image so that it is the most representative of the uniform system, not only requires elegant and refined, but also fully reflects the different regions, different national style. Fabrics use more high-grade silk, silk, polyester-cotton, wool, imports of chemical fiber and blended. Fabrics require fine texture, crisp, easy to care, there are characteristics.

    (8) insurance uniforms
This industry has a certain degree of particularity, its clothing is to reflect the calm and credible side, but also comfortable and convenient, friendly and generous, suitable for visiting customers. Fabrics with cotton or wool with moderate blended fabric, cotton and linen blended, serge, thin tweed or wool-like series. Asked to face very natural, comfortable and breathable, anti-wrinkle, easy to care.

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