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Difference between beck dyeing and continous dyeing

  • Author:Ellison
  • Release on:2016-05-12
Features beck dyeingg: the cloth cook Enhancing labeled volume in the tank dyeing,continous dyeing cheaper than the cost of dyeing, some long car easily wrinkled cloth on the vat to do better, the presence of the head and tail color and dye vat dyeing cylinder difference. 

continous dyeing features: Enhancing the cook directly into mangle cloth stained with a smaller head and tail color, shade better control, fabric dyeing are generally long vehicles.

With the use of computer dyeing, dyeing and centralized control of automation equipment, printing and dyeing control more intelligent, but also for the development of printing technology have more stringent requirements. Especially some of the more complicated dyeing processes, such as long car cotton dyeing process. Cotton dyeing long car generally refers to the whole process: from the beginning to the fabric singeing, desizing, mercerizing, pre-shrinking, dyeing, drying, solid color, high temperature stereotypes whole set of cotton production process all the links are essential. There are pre-treatment, dyeing, finishing, finished four inspection process.

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