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Details about custom workwear

According to reports, custom clothing enterprises biggest pain point is not sales, not profits, but stock. It is understood that 80% of small and medium enterprises have different levels of customized clothing stock, some companies stock even reached more than 50%, high inventory almost bankrupt enterprises should be fierce. Faced with encroaching cordon stock, custom clothing enterprises have turned to electronic business platform, we hope to tap into electronic business platform out of the woods, tight encirclement.

Clothing industry issues again and again

In recent years, the apparel industry's traditional business model is facing significant challenges, custom clothing enterprises generally emerged tight cash flow, falling profits, dealers contradiction problems, closed shop, discounts, inventory clearance has become the most direct expression.

China is the world's largest consumer of clothing, but also the world's largest garment producer, but the structure of China's garment industry is extremely uneven. Each custom clothing competition between enterprises still remain in the price, style and other aspects, the vast majority of sales of customized clothing enterprises is still a large flow of the main wholesale market.

In addition, the structure of custom clothing chain Chinese enterprises still remain in the traditional management model design. Design cycle is long, high trial costs, weak ability to innovate new products, long development cycle, is not easy to discover marketable products, thus resulting in inventory backlog, affecting cash flow.

Some people say: All custom clothing business inventories add up enough to sell in the market for two years. Because of obvious seasonal clothing, and apparel product updates faster, inventory issue has become one of the most custom clothing business headache. No wonder many employers say that their hard-earned in a year, ran the warehouse gone.

Custom clothing business leveraging business platform

The 21st century is the era of e-commerce development, custom clothing enterprises have deeply aware of this, are invariably turned to electronic business platform to seek new breakthroughs in a new way. E-commerce has become the custom clothing business Win, freshmen seeking an important pillar.

Electronic business platform through a one-stop service, custom clothing business can not only expand sales channels, to find buyers, wholesale transactions completed online, but also by analyzing massive amounts of data, find and meet consumer demand point; in addition, you can also get a free the latest and most cutting-edge IT industry trends and industry dynamics.

How to choose clothing custom enterprise business platform

Under the wave of the Internet to promote, B2B platform mushroomed rise. For custom clothing enterprises, keep their eyes open, select the appropriate key to leveraging the B2B platform.

Excellent B2B platform must be smart, flexible, and must be the foundation of stable, clear demands, the industry Role clear. At the same time, it must be rich in natural resources, real information, and improve the service. Rich resources to ensure that the transaction is a prerequisite for success, the same probability, the higher the greater the success rate of the base; information real deal is to achieve a guarantee of success, ten million less against false inquiry demands a complete and honest information more effective; sound full service for businesses to provide a relaxed and comfortable, fast and efficient trading experience.

The moment, although there are many factors restricting the custom clothing business, but rigid consumer demand should continue to be the source of the apparel industry to adhere to faith. Hand in electronic business platform in the near future, custom clothing enterprises will usher in brilliant development.

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