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Custom Winter Clothes Workwear For Men

  • Author:Julia
  • Release on :2019-02-12
Winter Clothes Day, Tomb-sweeping Day and Hungry Ghost Festival are the days for people to offer sacrifice to their ancestors in China. The Winter Clothes Day falls on the first day of Lunar October. October first of the lunar calendar has come into winter, thus people feel cold, which makes them miss the dead. To protect their ancestors against the cold in the netherworld, people send clothes to them, which's why it is called the Winter Clothes Day. On October first, Chinese people burn clothes made of colorful papers in front of graves to their ancestors to keep them warm.  At the same time, the day marks the arrival of the dead of winter. Consequently, it's the day for parents and lovers to send clothes to the livings who they care about. As time goes by, the day becomes the festival for people to offer sacrifice to their ancestors.  Winter workwear for men

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In southern China especially Jiangsu Province, China, people eat a bowl of glutinous rice mixed with red beans on the Winter Clothes Day to commemorate a shepherd boy who revolted against a landlord. It's said that a long time ago, an adorable shepherd boy was born in a poor family. His parents couldn't support him, so he made a living by shepherding for a landlord when he was a child. One day, he was so careless that he didn't take good care of the sheep, resulting in that those sheep fell into a valley and died. After hearing the news, the landlord was extremely angry. Consequently, he beat and scolded the shepherd boy constantly. The shepherd boy's begging did not stop the landlord. When the shepherd boy felt that he's going to die because of being beat, he picked up a knife next to him, and killed the landlord. The blood of the shepherd boy made glutinous rice on ground become red. By coincidence, that day was October first.  People eat a bowl of glutinous rice mixed with red beans on the Winter Clothing Day to commemorate the shepherd boy.

On the day before October first in Chinese lunar calendar, the elders lead children and grandchildren to add soils to their ancestors’ graves. The soils should be carried by their clothes rather than baskets. The more soils they added, the more populations their families would have. On October first, in patriarch's leadership, male carried foods and abundant tributes to worship ancestors’ graves, and to offer sacrifice to their ancestors. After the ceremony, what's most important is to burn winter clothes made by colorful paper, including red, yellow, blue, black and purple paper. There is a popular belief in China that if you want to deliver something to the dead, you must burn it completely. Otherwise, the dead could not receive it. This belief is linked with the story of Cai Mo burnt paper. The Winter Clothes Day is not only the day to deliver winter clothes to the dead, but also the day for the livings to prepare for the coming of winter. On that day, women take out winter clothes that they have made for their children and husbands, and ask them to try clothes on. Men are used clearing up fireplaces and chimneys to make sure that fireplaces and chimneys can keep warm when winter comes.

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