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Cultural shirt, a culture, a tradition

Cultural shirt, the Chinese people show has a specific meaning clothing especially call round neck T-shirt, this title accurately naturally express the "shirt" this particular form of clothing characteristics, and cultural shirt custom has become the most vivid expression of corporate culture, it not only plays a role for enterprises to do publicity, but also the old one kind of the new corporate culture as a connecting role, but also a tradition!

       Cultural shirt,can be understood as  T-shirt + culture , the culture here is to design a variety of exquisite designs or company logo, philosophy and so on. Designers to design good satisfactory, the use of the most suitable method to the garment printed above. Depending on the number of products, design and content, to take a different printing technology, the most commonly used screen printing and thermal transfer. But cultural shirt custom generally do not recommend using a thermal transfer, thermal transfer cloth will become thick, airtight, if it is a large area of ​​pattern or LOGO, the color should be as simple as some of the convenient use screen printing.

Custom T-shirt in the fabric would be divided into: polyester, T \ C, CVC, cotton, polyester cotton no, T \ C fabrics containing about 25% cotton, CVC cotton cloth containing about 60% of the general, the amount of cotton the lower the easier pilling (plain weave fabric is generally easier than beads and fabric pilling). The cotton fabric will not fluff ball, but the drawback is easily deformed and shrunk, but also easy to fold. So small advice can be customized shirt CVC, it has both the advantages of cotton, while cotton is also very good to avoid the shortcomings, this is a good choice.

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