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Cotton workwear breathability is very important how to maintain cotton clothes

Everyone who cares about cotton tooling is the breathability. Because the weather is hot in summer, the breathability is very important. The breathability also determines the comfort of the workwear.100%cotton coveralls

The breathability of cotton tooling is actually the breathability of the fabric. The breathability of the fabric is related to the material of the fabric. For example, the fabric of pure natural cotton will have better breathability than polyester.

On the other hand, it is related to the knitting density of the fabric. The fabric with low knitting density will also have higher air permeability than the knitting density. However, the fabric with low knitting density will have poorer fastness, so it is generally preferred to choose a fabric with good air permeability. Choose a natural cotton material.

Custom-made overalls and the breathability of pure cotton tooling can also be added to the design, such as the addition of a breathable mesh design in the underarm position, so that it can be well ventilated and breathable in the position where it is most prone to sweating, and the back Also, some companies will choose a custom-made open back design, adding a layer of mesh, and maximizing the breathability of the tooling while ensuring that it does not affect the use.

The breathability of cotton tooling is not only determined by the fabric, but also closely related to the design.