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Coat maintenance

  • Author:Ellison
  • Release on:2016-07-22
Coat should try not to let it exposed to rain and sunlight exposure. Leather Avoid contact with acids, bases, salts and organic solvents. When not wearing a jacket, should be cleaned after proper preservation. With a suitable way shape, with a relatively broad hanger to avoid the accumulation of heavy objects on the leather to avoid distortion, affect the wear. Leather products should be stored in dry, cool, dust the place, and should put some mothballs like mildew, pest control and other drugs in the vicinity of leather products. 

Clothes into the wardrobe, the hanging place should be positive. Although the closet is the place to store clothes, but there is no guarantee from dust, and generally wardrobe seams and wood veneer the glue most likely to attract small insects or mites breed. Therefore, the clothes closet income, are best placed face-up stacking or hanging, silk, wool, cashmere clothing material to be placed next to mothballs, coats, jackets, suits and light-colored coat, preferably with anti dust shroud. 

Public took off his coat, put forward to positive. Go to restaurants, cinemas and other public places, if you want to take off the coat, the first face-up clothes, then clothes folded sleeves, the inside of the fabric wrap draped over a chair, it is best not to spread out the clothes, the clothes the child against back. 

Coat drying
⒈ best in the shade to dry, not exposure, over exposure is not good. 

⒉ wash cotton clothes must pay attention, love variant, it is best to hand wash, to light, when Liangshai to tile, try not to pull the suspension. 

coat should be positive with air, or with anti-dry, and the material, color and length of drying time of clothes related. For general materials and colors for lighter clothes, it is the anti-drying and drying in the sun with little difference.