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Choose coveralls factory "professional" is essential

Faced with the market, so many clothes manufacturers, choose a regular work clothes manufacturers is very important, less formal clothes manufacturers are sawed it, this new workshop small series to remind you that regular work clothes manufacturers look at many aspects, such as He said qualifications, qualifications which have business licenses, permits, and so safe, and so what ah-scale manufacturers, today's new Workshop Xiaobian tell you a simple criteria: "professional", in fact, choose clothes factory "professional sex "is essential.

Overalls factory "professional" mainly in the following three points:


A customer service professional

    Usually companies will have specialized customer service staff to answer customer calls, the expertise of these customer service staff, as well as how well customers early questions are powerful customer service professional performance, like answer any kind of, you know transfer the kind of customer service, I believe that clothes manufacturers would not be good to go.

Second, the appointment go into details

    General work clothes manufacturers and customers can telephone contact after an appointment to meet dwell time, and this time it is capable of reacting professional clothing manufacturers, General formal clothing manufacturers will carry the full "equipment", ie material cards, apparel like clothing, the company publicity books, business cards, cards, and prepare materials like clothing, these "equipment" during the interview is essential.

Third, the client answers to questions

    A problem customers are accustomed to ask is: "I went to the market to buy a set of overalls clothing but also 120 yuan, your new custom Mania almost a quality of clothes, how the price so high?" This question may at first sound, really people ignorant. In fact, we calm down, standing on each other's point of view, a little analysis, the problem is easily solved. Sold on the market ready-made clothing, mostly from Guangzhou and Shenzhen to purchase the area, and those producing clothing manufacturers, it has been placed in the tens of thousands of pieces and were divided into four or five shapes only, so purchasing fabric costs, labor costs regard, tailored to infer the cost of saving a large sum. However, this sell ready-made clothing is not suitable for use as the tooling, because each unit more or less, there will be some body fat or very thin people, those sold on the market are code number clothing they wear not, thereby reach a unified overalls purposes. In clothes, completely avoid this problem, we can make every employee, are fit to wear overalls.

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