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China fashion new design unisex workwear bibpants overall for work

  • Author:Helen
  • Release on:2017-11-13
Dresses in English called Dungarees, the word comes from the Hindi "Dungri", said sail sailing with blue cheese. If the canvas is damaged or beaten by the storm, the sailors cut the cloth into pants. This upper body bib, pants with pockets and strap, became a workers' dress of the early 20th century. Although women had been wearing overalls in the early 1930s, it was generally assumed that the true popularity of overalls in women's clothing began during World War II. As a large number of men are on the battlefield, the rear of the workforce vacancy, many women to fill this part of the gap. Responding to the call, reclaiming farmland, organizing logging groups, etc., they put on practical agricultural garments such as blue overalls, corduroy breeches and canvas leggings and did a great deal of social work behind the scenes. In this case, instead, they became the most distinctive landscape of that era, and the trousers they wore became part of the trend. 

Today, overalls become a darling of fashion, unique. As a leader in tooling in China, Wuhan kinglong offers both comfortable and stylish overalls.

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