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China Fleece Jacket, Polar Fleece Jacket Manufacturers

A fleece jacket or fleece is a lightweight casual jacket made of polyestersynthetic wool such as Polar Fleece. A fleece jacket will typically have a zipper up the middle, rather than buttons or other fasteners. A fleece will provide thermal insulation but is not normally weatherproof and so won't keep out wind and rain.

Fleece is a knitted fabric, it is a small ingot knit structure, the knitting machine woven, woven into the fabric after the first dyed, then by finishing a variety of complex processing technology nap, carding, shearing, fleece, etc. treatment, brushed fabric front, fleece-intensive and not readily fluffy hair loss, pilling, nap sparse thin negative symmetry, hair missing, organization, clear texture, fluffy elastic especially good. Its ingredients are generally polyester, soft to the touch. It is nearly two domestic product of choice for the winter warm. In addition fleece can also be complex, composite fleece can also be treated with all the fabric, so that the cold better. For example: fleece and fleece composite, fleece and denim compound, fleece and cashmere compound, fleece and mesh cloth composite intermediate breathable waterproof membrane, and so on.

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