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Chef's clothing

·Chef uniform fabrics are generally: polyester-cotton-based, characteristics: no ball, no shrinkage, no deformation.Polycotton Chef Coat

                     Short Sleeve Restaurant Uniform Chef Coat

· The chef wears moisture, wicks away, and wrinkles.

·Current chef uniforms are increasingly seeking comfort, fashion and beauty

· There are many styles of chef clothes, such as Chinese, French, Japanese and Korean.

·Chinese chefs pay attention to the atmosphere: atmosphere, comfort, culture;

·French chef clothes pay attention to: comfortable, stylish and beautiful;

·Japanese and Korean chefs pay attention to: solemn, peaceful

Anti-wrinkle in chef's clothing Try not to use a washing machine to dehydrate

It is best to use a hanger to hang up the chef's work clothes in a damp state. When the hangers are hung up and drying, pay attention to the shoulder line of the chef's clothing to align the hangers, and buckle the first button on the top of the custom-made chef's clothing. Then finish the chef's clothing. After aligning the stitches on the hem of the two sides of the garment, each clip has an iron clip, because the weight of the clip can be used to pull and shape the clothes, so that the wrinkle can be solved.