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Black is one of the best color to match clothes

In clothing, black is regarded as the best color to match clothes

For vibrant people, wearing black clothes, immediately doubling the brilliant light.

For tall body obese, but also a black color most contraction effect,

Under the guise of a black, real body looks better than many slim.

Not only that, black and other colors mixed still has the effect of contraction, such as red and black, blue black, dark green and so on.

Wearing black clothing, in order to avoid the black body, should be based on other kinds of color accessories to ease the sense of monotony. For example, a red scarf with golden bracelet, shoes or black or dark brown comparison reconcile.

If the upper and lower halves-style clothing, but also can be matched with a variety of colors, such as black T-shirt, cast out of the red short-sleeve jacket.

It can also be coupled with orange, white, yellow and so more strongly contrasting colors on a black shirt skirt, pants.

If you wear a black body, coupled with feathered corsage, the best performance out of a sense of soft feathers.

It should be noted that black and intermediate color match is not easy to please.

Such as pink, gray, light blue, pale grass green and other pastel colors together, the black will lose a strong contraction effect, become a lack of personality.

Wearing black clothing needs to be emphasized is the most make-up, because all black glory are absorbed,

If large pale face makeup, it will give a dull feeling.

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