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Automotive industry employees how to select t-shirts ?

With more and more vehicles, automotive beauty shop around more and more, and many have their own beauty shop uniforms. Automotive beauty shops to take a summer job more t-shirts, which is why? What should pay attention to choose t-shirts in it?

1, to meet the needs of the nature of work, the amount of activity for employees to work. Simple and elegant T-shirt models in the automotive beauty shop a good choice.
2, the choice of colors: the color should be dark lines mainly because beauty shop dirty is inevitable, should generally be considered dirt, abrasion type of T-shirt fabric.
3, Fabric characteristics: beauty shop employees need frequent contact with water, the water splashed on him often, so when selecting custom t-shirt sweat breathable, easy to dry a little thin T-shirt fabric.
4, fabric: 65% cotton general choice of comparison, wrinkle resistance, does not shrink, without distortion. Despite the comfort of cotton, not suitable for wearing foreign-related activities, home is very appropriate.
5, the collar: collar The quality determines the grade of clothes, the best choice of thread woven nylon best abandoned.
6, Size: This is easy to overlook the details, a lot of people because they can not grasp the size, too big too small. Usually oversized T-shirt that does not affect the bust, but the size difference Shoulder clothes long is too large, is not suitable.
7, fade: dark T-shirts are mostly easy to fade for the ordinary in terms of brand T-shirt, almost impossible to avoid. If you buy clothing, you can secretly slept in stained clothes, hard touch, color the clothes started to fade, of course, depending on the extent of the. Fade serious, do not buy skin is not good!
8, packaging: packaging intact, manufacturers strict quality control. If it is to wear, the best unpacking check to see if there is defective clothes.