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Are These the Perfect Socks to Wear With a Pinroll?

  • Author:Ellison
  • Release on:2016-05-30
Yes, you can wear socks with pinrolled jeans

For many of us, the first type of sock that comes to mind is ankle socks. 

The problem with ankle socks is that in order for them to look good with your pinroll jeans …
… the visible edge should be even with the shoe top all the way around. 

For those of us who have worn ankle socks for more than 30 minutes, we know that the look above is hard to accomplish, let alone maintain throughout a hectic day. 

Today, I’m here to tell you there’s a type of sock that I think is even better. 

And here’s where sneaker socks come into the picture. 

For years, they’ve gone by the names ‘no-show socks’ and ‘ballerina socks’. 

Not exactly the type of socks most of us would think of buying. 

Fortunately, there’s no more of that. 

Retail stores have finally picked up on the demand for these socks amongst men and changed their name to …
… sneaker socks! 

They do the same thing as ballerina socks and no-show socks, but the name is more appealing to everyone (win-win). 

Sneaker socks are basically socks without cuffs. 

That makes them perfect for pinrolled jeans where you show off your ankles. 

Because whenever you wear them in sneakers, low-tops, and loafers, you can’t see them. 

But you do get the benefits of wearing socks, such as: 

They’re soft and make shoes more comfortable to wear. 

They reduce the risk of rubbing and prevent chafing blisters. 

They wick moisture and stop odours from attaching to your sneakers. 

The sock fabric provides extra cushioning and shock absorption.

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