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Analysis of all aspects of the garment industry to meet the price increase

Right now, the major markets have been difficult to find thousands of dollars below the new down jacket

    Mr. Sun is a Hangzhou fashion down jacket Shandong agent. Every year in April, the company will convene its provinces in Hangzhou to participate in the winter down jacket order, at the order, the agents of the price of this winter products have been roughly judged.

    Earlier this year, Mr. Sun received the exact ex-factory price of the brand. "According to the different styles, ex-factory price rose 120 yuan to 280. Relative to other brands, this is not the largest increase." Mr. Sun said.

    Because the raw material prices, the increase in the cost of processing plants and many other factors, this year's clothing prices generally rose, down jacket is the most obvious. So, this winter, "hard to find thousands of dollars below the new down jacket," the news often see the newspaper. Reporters in Beijing Wangfujing Department Store and the new world, Jun Tai and many other shopping malls found that more than Jiucheng new down jacket prices are breaking thousands of dollars, and some even priced at 2,000 yuan.

    Cut corners are conventional means

    At the beginning of the year, Mr. Sun saw Cengceng rising raw material prices, has been expected this year, finished clothing prices will rise. After receiving the quotation from the manufacturer's product, Mr. Sun began to measure how much the actual bear in the market? In the case of price increases can retain the number of dealer customers? How much can the customer order? Do you have the ability to make a surplus in the case of guaranteed normal expenses?

    "Like to do, do not do directly for the brand." Like most clothing agents, Mr. Sun comprehensive consideration of the various costs, he felt that the brand rose in its capacity within the scope of the decision to continue to represent the brand. "I am going to do it, I can do it, do not dare to dare to do a year. Down jacket to do anti - season also have millions of profits, as long as you have money and network.

    However, unlike ordinary agents, Mr. Sun claimed to be the boss of the brand in the province. "Manufacturers in the decision to do some of the general will seek my advice. This brand if I give up on the manufacturers a great impact.

    And his dealer customers did not purchase the road because of the increase in the cost of purchase. "Down jacket customers are generally very loyal, will not easily lose their own brand has been done for a year, do not for many years is not easy to abandon the women's customers can not, ladies customers see you this season is good to follow, Leave.

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