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Advantages and custom methods for work clothes

Work clothes must have men and women, to meet the business men and women have to wear the problem. Now there is no one garment enterprises to ensure the production of good men and women products and products. Respectively, to the men 's enterprises and women' s business procurement, but also increased the difficulty of work (double the procurement process, double the service, double the risk), but also may lead to psychological imbalance between men and women workers.

    Work clothes more prominent specificity (corporate identity). Work clothes must be designed for their own units or specially selected custom, clothing is difficult to have ready-made products just to meet the requirements of the unit. Work clothes thousands of people like. Work clothes, although the group, but it is everyone to wear, so the clothing requirements (especially appropriate or not) is thousands of thousands of people want to make employees satisfied, you have to special services to every employee. The garment enterprises generally do not prepare such technical staff and service personnel to service.

    Workwear is more durable. Now the largest purchases of enterprises, is also an average of four sets of workers per year, and a set of clothes to wear every day, and wear a year that requires clothing is very durable. Therefore, the clothing materials and processes with particular attention to durability, and, uniforms should also consider the case of non-normal wear, which is generally not considered in the production of garments.

    Comfortable work clothes for easy work. Work clothes are worn for work, regardless of the selection of work clothes (suits, shirts), or uniforms, must ensure that work without prejudice to wear, which is all clothing are not fully considered (in the back, sleeves and other parts Of the design should be adjusted on the basis of clothing).

    Work clothes tailored to cover the whole number. A unit of workers have a variety of body and type, clothing is generally only 5-10 models. Can only cover about 90% of the people (and wearing is not particularly appropriate). Therefore, the more high-end work clothes (such as suits), the more tailored model.

    Work clothes and reliable after-sales service guarantee. Procurement of work clothes requires a lot of service support. Such as inappropriate clothing handling, new staff (or damaged clothing) replenishment, according to the department by the distribution of products and so on. All this, if the procurement of garments, can not do, because the garment enterprises do not need to set up such a service sector, there is no dedicated tracking a customer.

    From the above advantages, the decision to work clothes production organization model must be oriented to each person in the enterprise one to one custom mode. The one-to-one customization model is essentially different from the standardized production model for garments.

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