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About introduction of UV protection fiber

As the pace of global warming is getting faster and faster, and UV-resistant fibers have become particularly pleasing, what are the characteristics and advantages of UV-resistant fibers? Let's take a look!100% Cotton Protective Overall

UV-resistant fibers, as the name implies, are fibers that prevent UV radiation. Ultraviolet rays are also beneficial to the human body to some extent, such as facilitating the synthesis of vitamin D, promoting the absorption of calcium, preventing rickets, promoting the growth of children, disinfecting, and sterilizing. However, excessive ultraviolet radiation is also very detrimental to human health. In severe cases, it may cause pigmentation, pigmentation, and accelerated aging, and severe skin cancer. Therefore, UV-resistant fibers have become another cause of heat.

One of the UV-resistant fibers is a UV-resistant polyester fiber. The inorganic anti-UV masterbatch containing nano-titanium dioxide and zinc oxide is blended with a polyester chip of an organic anti-UV additive in a weight percentage of 7% to 16%. The vacuum drying is gradually heated, and the fiber having the effect of reflecting ultraviolet rays produced by the polyester fiber production process is applied. And this kind of anti-UV polyester fiber is very suitable for producing all kinds of woven and knitted fabrics, which can be produced by pure spinning or interlacing. Mainly used in the production of sun hats, parasols and related products. The unique performance of its non-toxic, tasteless and harmless body has attracted another part of the population - the overalls manufacturer.