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A person's graduation photo:North Paleontology professional "six generations of a single pa

Two years ago, wearing a white shirt, he wore black bachelor cap Xue Yifan seems not had time to laugh, a four-year college years in the camera click, the sound of a stop. Front of the camera seriously restrained Xue Yifan did not expect, this is a man of "North 2010 professional photo paleontology," let her within a few days become a popular figure.

"This year in June graduation photo shoot, when I was a man." Xue Yifan Young, North paleontology graduate An Yongrui 2016, becoming the only professional in the current graduates of Peking University.

Only one graduate each year low frequency, so that the North has become a special presence of paleontology professional higher education in China. This year, in fact, is "six generations of a single pass." Another year of graduation season, Xue Yifan told reporters, "paleontology students currently out there in many industries, the future is not bad." She hopes that one day paleontology and other specialized niche again mentioned, people can no longer adventures advertised.

When reporters after a lapse of two years and then find Xue Yifan, she has been completing Carnegie Mellon University computational biology master's program became Zhunbo Shi --4 14, Xue Yifan formally choose the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine, Biomedical Informatics as her doctoral programs, research for cancer signaling network, starting from the second half of the doctorate.

Two years ago, talking about the explosion of red network, Xue Yifan from memorable words, "A person's graduation photo" Let the four-year university obscure themselves frequently hit the newspapers, and now are surprised. At that time in order to go along with their parents to a graduation pictures, is not readily noticeable boring to the PS a library before "photo." I did not expect that this sun, attracted students and the outside world so much interest.

Face interview, Xue Yifan less than a hundred times to answer the same question, "Why did you choose such a rare specialty of paleontology, have not considered employment?" "I'll Yuanpei College is not anything else, is to circle a childhood favorite of paleontology dream. "Xue Yifan interest in paleontology, simple and stubborn.

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