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3-year-old Lolita wear mini workwear become the UK network Favorite

Recently, Wales 3-year-old girl Lily Nicholas (Lilly Nicholas) helped their own sheep farm expectant birth, the whole birth process was filmed and share online. After Outlook users continue to praise, Lily and thus became a British red people.

Related video display, curly blonde wearing a mini-version of Lily overalls, legs kneeling on the straw, and the meat toot little sheep hand into her mother's birth canal, expression seriousness. Suddenly, the camera Lily cheered and shouted: "I touched it!" Followed by a pink toot, slimy little guy down Lily's small hands slipping on the straw.

Lily accurately identify the gender of the lamb, cheers to the camera "is a girl!" Lily's mother said Lily 2 years old when he came into contact with sheep production scene, and we're happy to help. However, she personally birth sheep, the first time. It turns out that Lily's hands than anyone Farm for midwives lamb.