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2 pcs high quantity jacket and pant

  • Author:julia
  • Release on:2019-04-15
Work clothes are work clothes, especially those that involve physical work. Usually those who work in the commerce sector choose to wear overalls because they are designed to provide durability and safety. new working jacket and pants

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From the end of the 18th century, merchant and port sailors wore elephant-legged trousers, striped sweatshirts, knitted crew-neck pullovers and short blue canvas. This basic equipment, combined with thick straps, flat-plate hats and clogs, is also a symbol of criminal gangs like Scuttler at the beginning of the century. On the most luxurious cruise ships and ocean-going ships, with the Royal Navy and USN wear similarly neatly pressed dresses on the deck, and the steward cabin and waiters dressed in white uniform with ties, gold-plated brass buttons, with stripes of gold on the legs. With rainy weather, sailors wear tarpaulins and Souwesters, but contemporary fishermen usually wear two yellow or orange waterproof jackets and trousers. Modern upgrades to the traditional look include fleece, hooded sweatshirts, baseball caps and knitted caps. Straw hats, sailor hats and waterproof caps are no longer widely used for civilian use, but the wool or denim versions of Greek fisherman's hats are still common. In the 21st century, this style also had a huge impact on the fashion industry. Workwear is not just the style of clothing used in the fashionable subculture, but the culture and way of life of this particular community. Pompadour haircuts, tattoos, denim jackets, military trench coats, lumberjack flannel, chambray shirts, denim and work boots are all involved in this general style.

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