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History of Vacuum Cleaner

  • Author:Dolphin Wong
  • Source:www.baike.baidu.com
  • Release on:2015-07-17
     1901,Booth, a civil engineer from United Kingdom,was gone to London's Leicester Square hall of empire to visit car dust collector operating performance. He thinks that it was not good,because this vacuum cleaner was blow dust into collector by pressurized air, lots of dust cannot been blow to collector. Then, he did this exactly opposite,using vacuu,he did a simple test: Cover with a handkerchief in the mouth and nose,mouth breathing in a handkerchief , and a handkerchief attached resulting in a layer of dust. Thus, he made vacuum cleaners, with a strong air pump suction hose , filter dust out through filter bag.

    Booth got patent at August,1901, and then he built a vacuum cleaner company which didn’t sell vacuum cleaner. He stalled the vacuum pump with gasoline engine driven on carriage, All employees provide service door to door. This is the initial form of vacuum cleaner.
    to be continue...