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How to choose right vacuum cleaner?

  • Source:http://www.yxrobot.com/
  • Release on:2015-07-07
     Some problems which should be paid attention to when buy vacuum cleaner:
1. Input voltage must be matched with rated capacity of user family, generally, 1500watt or less is better.
2. The label of vacuum cleaner should include electrical parameters,such as voltage,features of power supply symbol,frequency,manufacturer,logo,etc.
3. The package of vacuum cleaner which was produced by normal manufacturer should tightly.Manual,certification of approval,warranty card must be in place,complete accessories.Nice appearance.
4.Vacuum cleaner parts connection should be closely, especially the dust collection part and dynamic part of the junction.The test method is: Turn on the power switch,with the hand close to joints,if it does not have feeling of air leakage, the closed-tight,otherwise poor. poor sealing vacuum cleaner is not only poor , but also large power.
5. The cable of canister vacuum cleaner can be automatic roll back.You can pull out the cord, and then push roll back button,check the function is ok or not.
6. Lower noise,better vacuum cleaner.
7. Confirm it has CE/3C approval or not.