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Classification of Vacuum Cleaner

  • Author:Dolphin Wong
  • Source:http://www.yxrobot.com/
  • Release on:2015-07-07
        With living circumstance improvement,vacuum cleaners are enter ordinary household more and more. In recent years,vacuum cleaner have been developed,there are various kinds of vacuum cleaner to gain domestic market.A lot of vacuum cleaner manufacturer have exported to overseas. It shows that we were became vacuum cleaner exporter,not just vacuum cleaner importer. What’s more,we were been vacuum cleaner major production bases.In terms of quality,large and medium-size enterprise activity import advanced technology,and use self-developed technology of reduce noise, the quality of vacuum cleaner was improved.
        Many types of vacuum cleaner,according to the structure divided into:
    1.Upright vacuum cleaner: mostly cylindrical or square in shape,divided into upper and lower part. Upper with motor.Lower part with dustbin.
    2.Canister vacuum cleaner: mostly rectangular or motor shape,the front part install dust bag or dustbin, the latter part with motor.
    3.Portable vacuum cleaner, usually 4 types: Backpack--mini size,small power,when using back over the shoulder. Stick-- stick vacuum cleaner is shaped like a stick,the top for the handle,the bottom for the suction nozzle,low power. Hand-held--Smaller volume and can be used directly in hand. Micro model--Battery-powered , smaller , used to clean clothing , equipment and other , smaller power.
        According to the motor types,vacuum cleaner also divide into DC vacuum cleaner,AC vacuum cleaner, DC-AC vacuum cleaner.