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Ribbon-cutting Ceremony of Qinghai-Tibet Rilway-History on Today

  • Author:Dolphin wong
  • Source:Historyontaday,Wikipedia
  • Release on:2015-06-29
        Qinghai-Tibet Railway is China's implementation of the western development strategy of landmark projects.
        Official Launching of Qingzang Railway attracted worldwide attention,was held at Lhasa,Tibet and Golmud,Qinghai on the 29th,June,2001

        Former prime minister and vice prime minster, Zhu Rongji and Wu Bangguo, and was take part in ribbon-cutting ceremony at Golmud,Lhasa.
        The Railway length is 1956 kilometers,from Xining Qinghai to Lhasa,Tibet, is pride as “Heaven Road”,it as a symbol engineering in the China west development,is one of the four engineering of China New Century. Qinghai-Tibet Railway was open for traffic on 1st ,July.2006.