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100%polyester orange fluorescent workwear vest

  • Author:Rail
  • Release on:2017-09-18
Traffic command and night labor construction, in order to have a clear warning effect to ensure their own personal safety, the staff in the overalls wearing a reflective film vest, when the car light to the above to reflect the light. But because of foggy weather, the suburbs on duty at night when the lack of light, reflective film is passive reflection light, the reflection angle is too small, the reflected light effect is poor, coupled with the human eye and fixed light source is not sensitive, such as the original reflective Vest (only reflex glow) has been unable to meet the needs of modern city traffic management and night safety warnings during construction work!

Our fluorescent vest is made of high quality nylon, not easy to deformation wrinkle, fine mesh design, good permeability, comfortable to wear, the main color of the fabric is fluorescent yellow, beautiful color, and there is a certain visual warning rental.
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