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How to maintain a suit properly?

At this stage is the sales era, every industry sales, and sales people is gradually expanding, 2 for sales staff dress is to have my own business attire. As you all know, in the market to buy a set of professional attire, good quality to thousands of yuan, and quality in general is a few hundred yuan, people feel is not very value, so most of them prefer to order a set of their own professional attire, choose the fabric, styling options they want, and their satisfactory prices. 
Then the professional outfit is not like the work clothes that normally wear, the dirty laundry is done. The professional outfit should know to maintain, this ability can make life lengthen some.

The disposal of dirt and dirt. Suit with dust made the overalls small make up recommend must hurry up to disposal, use toilet paper first derive the dirt from the suit, then stained with dirt in the clothes inside out, pad into the gauze or toilet paper, perhaps use absorbent cotton swab touched swab to stain the besmirch, and from the outside toward the middle, and then sent to the dry cleaners dry cleaning. Remove the light from the suit. For a long time to wear a suit (especially the smooth fabric) in the elbow, hip and knee prone to the light, can prepare a pot of water, and on drop a few drops of vinegar to clean water, after the wet towel, towel swab according to one direction can be get rid of a suit on the light.

Two, if be wet by rain, want to use clean towel to absorb water from the suit to dry, then use clean white cloth to cover up, make an iron to clean up. After the suit is worn dirty, should be dry wash to be good, in order to stick to the suit prototype.

3, always wash a suit. Dust is the worst enemy of the suit, which makes the suit lose its freshness, so the need is often brushed lightly to dust the suit. Sometimes a suit touches other fibres or dirt that is less easily removed, and can be adsorbed with adhesive tape.

Don't wear a suit for more than two days. High quality suits are mostly use natural fibers such as wool, silk, cashmere, sea horse as the material, after such a suit wear dirty, can by some tension and deformation, but let it appropriate to rest, you can resume.