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Professional dress shirt need attention detail!

One, choose a custom shirt to distinguish. When wearing a tailored suit or a tailored uniform, wear a matching shirt. Wear a shirt in a jacket or a mid-mountain suit, with the best form and type. When a shirt is worn only as a coat suit, it is a better choice than the right one.
Two, formal place should wear white shirt or light color shirt, match with brunet suit and tie, in order to show demure.

The sleeves of a custom shirt should be about a centimetre longer than the sleeves of the suit, which shows both the dress code and the cleanliness of the suit cuff.
When wearing the shirt with a tie, the collar button, cuff button and sleeve button must be fastened to show the rigidity and strength of the man.

The fine line of the collar of the shirt is appropriate for the loose measure of a finger. The father of the neck is too old and too big for the collar, or it will give you a sense of weakness.
Six, don't tie with wear a suit, make shirts sleeveless top definitely means less than a button clasp, and placket buttons must be on all the buckle, or it will appear too arbitrary and lack of accomplishment.

When wearing a suit, the hem of a professional shirt is not worn in the waistband. In contrast, it makes people more energetic and arrogant.
Eight, should just be able to choose to wear the shirt that looks shape in the shape of the dress, convenient to hem in the waist inside the waistband, also make the dress is peaceful, waist hip position is elegant view.

The dress shirt should not be worn inside any coat (especially the suit), stop the feeling of being fattening and incongruous.

A formal, short-sleeved shirt can be worn with a tie. This is in keeping with the weather, but also with the elegance of the husband and the emperor.

Newly bought shirts, must be washed and then worn, to remove the dirt from the process of production, make sure that it is clean and hygienic.

A man's shirt should be washed regularly, and a shirt with a dirty collar will not work too hard.